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food and beverages application

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  • Our Other Capabilities:
  • - Upgrading Conventional Pumps and Fans Control to AC Drives using its PID Control to achieve BIG SAVINGS on ENERGY COSTS.
  • - Integration of HANSFORD Vibration Sensors on those expensive, inaccessible and critical rotating machineries to avoid very costly unscheduled machine breakdown due to excessive vibration/bearing damage.
  • - Integration of Barcode/RF-ID systems in manufacturing process.
  • - We are capable of designing and integration of Weighing Control Systems like Materials Batching System, Quality Inspection Checkweigher, Product Sorting by Weight, Real Time Material Consumption and Stock Level Monitoring among others.
  • - Upgrading AC and DC Power Drive Systems, PLC Systems and Process Automations.
  • - Integration of Vision Control Systems for your Product Quality Assurance.
  • - Real Time Maintenance Management System which include Tool Life Monitoring, Equipment Performance Monitoring and Condition Based Monitoring among others